Carrot Apple Sriracha Hummus

This carrot apple sriracha hummus is the perfect centerpiece for your next party snack board. It's totally creamy and vegan thanks to the Silk almondmilk, and you will want to dip allllllllllll the things in it. 

I love a good snack board.

Especially for entertaining.

But most of them are full of meats and cheeses... which isn't always party-perfect, for everyone. ... Read more » about Carrot Apple Sriracha Hummus

Holiday Flatbread with Apples, Prosciutto, and Balsamic Glaze

This Holiday Flatbread is party-perfect --- and the best part is, even though it's stunningly beautiful and such a crowd pleaser, it is soooooo easy to make! The base is my favorite rustic white pizza crust from Flatout. Then it's topped with truffle oil, prosciutto, shaved brussels sprouts, thinly sliced granny smith apples, havarti cheese, and a balsamic glaze. 

I'm all about simplicity.  ... Read more » about Holiday Flatbread with Apples, Prosciutto, and Balsamic Glaze

Roasted Fall Veggie Platter with Black Truffle Aioli

This Roasted Veggie Platter with fall veggies like purple sweet potatoes, rainbow carrots, Dr. Praeger's brussels sprouts cakes, and golden beets are served with two dipping sauces: first, a black truffle aioli (Oh My Goodness... sooooo dang good!), and second, a pumpkin mustard. This platter makes the perfect party appetizer or mid-day snack. 

OK. First, a confession.  ... Read more » about Roasted Fall Veggie Platter with Black Truffle Aioli

Heirloom Tomato Flatbread with Honey Goat Cheese and Basil

Say helllllllllllllllllllo to summer with this gorgeous heirloom tomato flatbread. The crispy Flatout pizza crust is the perfect backdrop for the sweet, roasted heirloom tomatoes, honey goat cheese, and basil. 

Heirloom tomatoes fascinate me. 

All those interesting colors. 

And weird shapes. 

Each a work of art --- but even more beautiful when put together side by side.  ... Read more » about Heirloom Tomato Flatbread with Honey Goat Cheese and Basil

Italian Double Cheesy Flatbread

This Italian Double Cheesy Flatbread is the perfect appetizer for your upcoming 4th of July celebration, or for any summer party! It's a sophisticated combination of flavors, but is super simple to make thanks to Flatout's artisan thin pizza crust. 

Look at that perfect cheese pull. 

And that crispy edge.

And those perfectly browned pieces of sausage. 

So many things to love about this flatbread! ... Read more » about Italian Double Cheesy Flatbread

6 Tips for Better Snacking

Who loves snacking?! Today I'm partnering with goodnessKNOWS snack squares to bring you 6 simple tips that will help you snack more mindfully and help you meet your goals one small step at a time --- whatever they may be ---             to become stronger, to lose a few pounds, to do yoga 30 min a day, etc... ... Read more » about 6 Tips for Better Snacking

Pumpkin Bisque

This gorgeous fall-inspired Pumpkin Bisque is super easy to make (it comes together in under 15 minutes!!) and is such a crowd-pleaser. With surprising bursts of flavor from pomegranate arils and Cedar's lemon hommus, this soup will easily be the star of your upcoming Thanksgiving meal.  Plus, it's dairy-free, gluten-free, and delish!

You heard me right. 

15 minutes. 

That's it!

Impress your guests without much effort. ... Read more » about Pumpkin Bisque